Regarding the user information including personal information provided through our “Xperience” (hereinafter referred to “Service”), Xperience Inc. (hereinafter referred to “Company”) shall handle them as follows:

Company may collect information as follows regarding an user’s access status and usage method to Service.

1. Our Obtaining Information and Its Collection Method

1.1. In the privacy policy, user information shall mean the information for user identification, activity log over the network service, and information in relation to User or User’s terminal that has been generated and accumulated to his/her other terminals such as PC, smartphone, etc., and it shall mean the information Company collects based on the privacy policy.

1.2. In accordance with the collecting method, Company may possibly obtain/collect the following information through Service:

1.2.1. Information provided by User (at an inquiry) Name E-mail address Phone No.

1.2.2. Information provided from other social networking services to Service under User’s permission upon usage. Upon using Service, cases in which User approves Service cooperating with external services (hereinafter referred to “External Services”) such as social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+), the following information shall be collected from the said External Services based upon the content with User’s consent obtained for such approval. An ID User uses outside Service Token issued to User by external Services Information User approves to disclose to the disclosure destination with the privacy setting of External Services

1.2.3. Information Company collects when User starts using Service. Terminal Information Log Information Token issued for User through this service Cookie and anonymous ID Location information

2. Purpose of Information Usage

Company uses an user’s information obtained through Service for the following purposes:

2.1. For taking measures for a violation against Company’s TOS and Privacy Policy regarding Service

2.2. For preventing illegal usage of Service

2.3. For helping User using Service smoothly

2.4. For creating a statistical data regarding the service

2.5. For addressing User’s inquiry

2.6. For conducting user verification when we receive User inquiry, etc.

2.7. For communicating significant notifications regarding Service as necessary.

2.8. For the purpose of use attached to the above usage purposes

3. Provision of Information to a Third Party

We shall not provide User’s personal information to a third party except for the following cases:

3.1. User agreed to do so in advance

3.2. Based on legal obligation

3.3. Cases in which User violates Service TOS, and Company determines there is a well-grounded reason for being compelled to disclose personal information in order to protect right, property, or services of Company or third parties.

3.4. Cases in which an individual’s life, body, or property needs to be protected and when it is difficult to obtain User’s consent.

3.5. Cases in which it is especially necessary for improving public health or promoting the sound growth of children and when it is difficult to obtain User’s consent.

3.6. Cases in which it is necessary for cooperating with a state organ, a local government, or an individual or a business operator entrusted by either of the former two in executing the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations and in which obtaining User’s consent is likely to impede the execution of the affairs concerned.

3.7. Cases in which a succession of Company’s business including personal information takes place due to merger, company split, transfer of business, and other reasons

4. Entrustment

Within a required range, in order to attain the purpose of use stated on Privacy Policy, Company may commit all or a part of personal information obtained from User to consignee. Company shall endeavor to have User’s personal information managed by fully screening qualification of consignee, and to provide items regarding the duty of confidentiality upon contract.

5. Joint Use

Upon providing Service, if Company requires a business partner for implementing a cooperation work, Company may jointly use an user’s personal information with the said business partner.

6. User’s Right

6.1. Cases in which User requests Company to disclose personal information that cannot be confirmed over Service website, User may claim such disclosure by following Company’s procedure set forth separately.

6.1. Cases in which disclosure is likely to harm the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of User or a third party

6.1.2. Cases in which disclosure may cause a critical impediment for us to conduct our business appropriately.

6.3. Cases in which disclosure may violate laws and regulations.

6.1.4. Cases in which we can not confirm the disclosure is requested by the user himself/herself.

6.2. As a result of the disclosure prescribed in the preceding paragraph, cases in which User determined the content of personal information held by Company is not true, s/he may request to revise, add, delete personal information by following Company’s procedure set forth separately. In such cases, Company shall conduct an investigation within the necessary range without delay in order to serve the purpose of use, and revise, add, and delete the said personal information based on the result.

6.3. Cases in which User requests to disclose personal information that cannot be confirmed over Service website, Company may charge for the disclosure fee by following Company’s procedure set forth separately.

6.4. In the case if the required information for the use of the service is not provided by User, a part of the service may not be provided to him/her.

7. Cancelled Account User’s Information

If an user deleted Service account, Company shall handle the said user’s personal information appropriately along with related laws and regulations and internal regulations as appropriate.

8. Revision of the Privacy Policy

We may revise the privacy policy at any time. Regarding the privacy policy change, the content of revision shall be notified in an user-friendly manner.

9. Contact Us

Should you need any clarification about the privacy policy, or should you have any question, complaint, consultation, etc. about the handling of user information through the service, please contact us at (

Xperience Inc.

Enactment: 14th September, 2015