How do I create Xperience?

How to use Xperience

Share your "Nice!" in Japan

Recommended for these types of people!

  • People who want to share the best of home with the world
  • Worldly people who have an international group of friends
  • People who want to write down their experiences
  • People who want to feel that they have communicated to the world
Step 1 Member Registration

1Click “Sign Up” on the right-hand side of the header.

2Simply login with Facebook or Google+!

You can also login with your own email address. You will be able to write articles as soon as you sign up!

3Post articles as soon as you have finished your member registration.

4You will be directed to the following page where you can start writing!

Step 2 Try writing an article:

Before you start writing, we recommend that you read a number of articles written by other people.

You will see that the article structure is as follows:

  • 1. Title
  • 2. Lead-in Paragraph and Photo
  • 3. Main Text
  • 4. Feeling, Time, Tags, etc...

Here is how you should write an article:


Input the title at 1. The “title” refers to the “title of the article.” There are many ways to write a title, but a general understanding of your article's content should be easily derived from it.
For example, say there is an Italian restaurant that you want to recommend as a reasonable lunch spot near Shinjuku in Tokyo.
Try to input some keywords, like “Shinjuku,” “Italian,” or “Recommended” in your title.

2Lead-in Paragraph and Photo:

2-1 Article Photo:

This is where you will put a photo to express your whole article.
If you have prepared a photo, you can attach it by clicking the upload button. If not, you can cite one from a website.
In such a case, paste the URL of your photo into the “Search Images from Web” box to upload.

2-2 Lead-in Paragraph to Article:

This is where you will write a summary of your article.
First, write a “hook,” something to capture the interest of your readers. You can always come back to it later.

3Main Text:

This is where you will write up to 12 sets of text consisting of one photo and 200 words each.
To add a new set, please click the blue “Add a New Photo” button.

3-1 Photo:

Insert photos that are related to your text in keeping with 2-1. Please choose eye-catching photos.
Click “Upload a Photo” when using your own photos, and “Search Images from Web” when using photos found on the internet.

3-2 Main Text:

Write up to 200 words in keeping with what is depicted by your photo.
When providing information on the location, it's always good to list sites and features, but your readers are more likely to visit if you include the following:
Operation hours
Admission prices
Ticket procurement methods
Parking availability.
When inputting information for a specific place or restaurant, fill-in the “Enter an Address” box and select a location from the “Area” box so that your readers will have greater accessibility.

4Feeling, Spending, Tags, etc.

When you have finished the main text, review your article and check for mistakes.
Before posting, you can make selections for the following six items: “Feeling,” “Spending” “Time”, “With,” “Tags,” and “Check Language to Request Translation.”


“Feeling” suggests the mood that you should be in when visiting the recommended spots in the article. You can choose from fifteen selections, including “Relax” and “Get Physical”.


For “Spending” and “Cost,” you can select the duration and expense of the recommendations listed in your article.


“Tags” function to establish a number of keywords that express your article, providing greater accessibility to your readers.
You can use preexisting tags, such as “castles” and “sake,” or you can create new tags that are relevant to your article.

Check Language to Request Translation:

Before posting, you can request your article to be translated in the “Check Language to Request Translation” section.

Before your article goes public, or during the writing process, please click “Save as Draft” to save your progress.


Should an article violate public order and morality, it will be deleted. Please understand.

Should an article you have written be poorly translated, please contact Xperience.
In such a case, Xperience will contact the translator and ask them to improve the translation or delete it.
Should the quality not improve, Xperience will delete it.

Only individuals are allowed to write articles. The posting of articles by corporate bodies and businesses is forbidden. Should corporate bodies or businesses wish to post articles, we ask that they first contact Xperience.