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Toward scenic stages of "sora no method"① ~Toyako~

"At the sky of this town, we always had the disk above ――". Having such a catch copy is the anime "sora no method". It's a heart-warming anime. From two girls encounter, time starts to move, feelings change the people, and the new story begins.

First of all, enjoy tourism at Toyako in Hokkaido which is an important stage of the story. It has been elected as the "100 Landscapes of Japan", and a tourist destination you can absolutely enjoy.
Hokkaido | Toyakoonsen, Toyako, Abuta District, Hokkaido Prefecture
(Updated on: Apr 14, 2015)

Toward scenic stages of "sora no method"① ~Toyako~
Of course, the disc isn't flying as a story, but the beauty does not change at all.

(anime image belongs to "© Kiriyako Town Tourism Association")
Easiest tourism method is by walk, but if you have enough money, a sightseeing boat is recommended. 1500 yen is enough to see the sights. Depending on the course, you can also walk through Nakajima in the lake.
Toward scenic stages of "sora no method"① ~Toyako~
If you want to go sightseeing in a unusual way, how about using the helicopter? Start from the drive-in "silos observatory" where you can overlook the Toyako and the Mount Usu, and do a sky walk!

■ Experience course: about 3 minutes
Adult 5000 yen Children 4000 yen

※ Above is just a example. There are other courses also.
3-1 Naruka, Tōyako-chō, Abuta-gun, Hokkaidō
If you're thinking about tourism by car, how about going around all the Toyako 8 Sights? This 8 places was selected by the Hokkaido Regional Environment Office. There is no worry of overlooking because signposts are put in each places.
OK then, let's look at the Toyako that shows a variety of expressions. First is the sunrise from Nakajima at Toyako.
Next will be the Toyako sunset. If you want to see the spectacular view that spread fully in front of you, there is no choice but to visit.
When it's get warm, green becomes more dense and the beauty increases.
Not only among spring and summer, you can see a silver world of rime on trees in the winter. It is a tourist spot that can be enjoyed throughout the year if the weather is permitting.
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