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Too cute Kyoto souvenir! Introducing Yatsuhashi "nikiniki"

Too cute Kyoto souvenir! Introducing Yatsuhashi "nikiniki"
Source: locari.jp
"Yatsuhashi" is the classic souvenir speaking of Kyoto. Yatsuhashi is a sweets to represent the Kyoto and I think many people buy it when coming to Kyoto. What is recommended for such people is a shop called "nikiniki".
Colorful and pretty Yatsuhashi is sure to delight!
(Updated on: Mar 12, 2017)

Too cute Kyoto souvenir! Introducing Yatsuhashi "nikiniki"
[What is Yatsuhashi? ]
The Yatsuhashi was born in Edo medium term and Is a Japanese sweet steamed mixed with rice flour, sugar and Nikki.

There is a "Yatsuhashi" (Katayaki Yatsuhashi) which baked the dough and "raw Yatsuhashi" only of steamed dough. "Bean paste containing raw Yatsuhashi" is also popular.
[Nikiniki (Nikiniki)]
"nikiniki" is a new brand of Shogoin-Yatsuhashi main store which was founded in 1689. The logo "NyQ2" of "nikiniki" means "Neo Yatsuhashi quarter"! Conventional Yatsuhashi aren't treated but you can buy a colorful and cute Yatsuhashi.
Shijo Kawaramachi-around Teramachi | 京都府京都市 下京区四条通小橋西入ル真町95
One of the products, "Calle de Kaneru" is what makes in combination of "Anne" (five types of different colors
and taste) and "confit" in the "raw Yatsuhashi" as you like. There are white, green (green tea), pink, blue and black (black sesame) raw Yatsuhashi in a vivid color.
Since confit to be included in vary depending on the season so I'd like you to try a lot. It seems to get lost because there are various kinds such as Apple-green tea, strawberry, custard, apricot, etc.
If you want to enjoy at home, let's buy it for souvenirs♪Raw Yatsuhashi is one by two five and An or confit is also located in the cup in two. It is also fun for children because they can make there original Yatsuhashi !

Also I'm delighted children.
This is Manju called "balle (Bar)". The Manju of lovely bite size has five types of taste you can enjoy. The cinnamon-lemon, vanilla, brown sugar and walnuts. When you purchase 5 pieces', it'll set the brand of "nikki (Nikki)" ♪
Another product is confectionery of the season called "le gateau de la saison (Les Gateau de la Saison)" ♪ Lovely colorful Yatsuhashi that tickles girl's mind is also perfect as a souvenir! Since the product is different in every season, it is fun what sweets you can meet.
This is "le gateau de la saison" in April that has a "strawberry" on the theme. I would hesitate to eat because it's so cute. But because it is raw, eat it as soon as possible.
This is made with the Christmas theme, "le gateau de la saison ". Christmas expressed in Japanese sweets is also nice!
Too cute Kyoto souvenir! Introducing Yatsuhashi "nikiniki"
[Kawaramachi shop]
Open Hours: 11:00 to 19:00
Closed: Irregular
Access: near by Hankyu Kyoto Line "Kawaramachi" station, 3-minute walk from the "Gion Shijo" station of Keihan line

[Kyoto Hachijo-mouth shop]
Open Hours 9:00 to 20:00 everyday
Asti load 1st floor
URL: http: //www.shogoin.co.jp
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