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"Komine Castle" that has a legend of maiden cherry is one of the Three Major Castle in Tohoku!

Komine Castle is a fine castle that is counted as the Tohoku 3 castles. Of course, it's also chosen as the Japan's Top 100 Castles, and is an attractive tourist locations.

Above all, three-story turrets and Maegomon is a must-see. The stone wall has collapsed because of the Tohoku Earthquake, so you can't enter the castle keep because it's now restoring. But still, I want to introduce this castle that is worth going. By the way, the recovery will end around 2016.
Shirakawa | 1-73 Kakunai, Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima-ken
(Updated on: Mar 09, 2017)

"Komine Castle" that has a legend of maiden cherry is one of the Three Major Castle in Tohoku!
Access: a few minutes walk from Shirakawa station
Tour Time: 10:00~17:00 (Apr.-Oct.)
10:00~16:00 (Nov.-Mar.)
Closed: 12/29-1/3
Fee: Free
Here's the must-see three-story turrets and Maegomon in Shirakawa Castle. Three-story turrets has been restored in 1991 and Maegomon in 1994.
From another angle in the park. It's very beautiful.
When large renovation of the castle, the stone wall of the main enclosure collapsed many time. So they decided to sacrifice the person who first came to the castle. Then, the first to come was "Otome", the daughter of Sakuji-bugyō. her father signaled by hand "don't come", but Otome mistaken the signal as "Come" so she had been sacrificed.

Then, the cherry trees are planted in the place where the Otome was buried, and that came to be called "Otome Sakura".This is the legend of Otome cherry.
Within the Shiroyama Park of Komine Castle, there is a history museum called Shirakawa Shuukoen.

It is consisted by two hall name "Yuki House Archives" and "Abe house luxury Museum". In the "Yuki House Archives", there are an important ancient documents (including National important cultural properties), and in "Abe house luxury Museum", weapons such as swords and armor, furnishings, furniture, ancient documents and stationery are exhibited.
This is Ninomaru-Chaya. Japanese tea of the image of a Komine castle are served. You can't drink but only here even in Fukushima Prefecture.

Overlooking the castle, try to re-discover the taste of Japanese tea.
I'll recommend you this cream Anmitsu. They use a homemade agar and the Tsubuan from the sweets shop in the city. The volume is full marks (price 500 yen).
Shirakawa Komine Castle shows a fantastic scenery in winter. When you visit Tohoku, I want you to stop by and take a look.
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