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Kamakura Hi-surf, offering water-sport experiences to everyone at the beach of Yuigahama

Kamakura Hi-surf offers water-sport experiences and equipment rentals, like windsurfing and Stand-Up-Paddle boarding (a.k.a SUP), at the beach of Yuigahama, one of popular areas in Shonan, Kanagawa Prefecture. Kmakura is also known as a famous tourist destination in Kanagawa Pref. Why don’t you try a water sport when you visit Kamakura? A session of SUP is available for 1-hour or more, and you don’t need to bring the equipment with you.
Kamakura | Japan, 〒248-0021 Kanagawa-ken, Kamakura-shi, Sakanoshita, 21−1
(Updated on: Jun 27, 2017)

Under nice coaching of the instructors, both beginners and experienced people can enjoy windsurfing, surfing, and SUP in the ocean of Shonan. The SUP will make you feel like you are part of the nature of Yuigahama. The instructors will take pictures of you taking a lesson, or even a video, so that you can take it home. Amazing, isn’t it? It will be a wonderful memory and a great souvenir.
The Stand-Up Paddle got very popular in Hawaii and Europe, and it is getting popular as a new water sport in Japan too. In Japan, people call it “Padobo,” and people around the world call it SUP. It is like a stroll on the water while you are standing on a big stable board. Once you get used to it, you will feel like the board is a part of your body. Enjoy the feeling.
Kamakura Hi-surf has its office in Yuigahama which is also popular as a sea bathing spot. So, you can enjoy both sea bathing and other water sports with your friends. Thanks to their nice coaching, even beginners can participate in the sessions. It looks very simple, but has intriguing aspects. You might be hooked.
The SUP sessions start with the basic stuff instructed on the beach, and then it’s time to sail out. Once you get used to paddling on the water, you will be able to relax and enjoy the seascape around you. Some people enjoy the stroll on the water, and others try even yoga on the board. The relaxing effect of water will enhance your sense of balance. I recommend a nonprofessional session, about 2-hour long.
After you get used to SUP, you can sail out to the spot you like on the board. You can also take something to drink or eat with you in a backpack, just like an excursion in the ocean. Plus, you can just relax leisurely on the waves, or try fishing. It sounds fun, doesn’t it? In addition, because you need to keep balance on the board while you are paddling, you can improve your muscle of abdomen, back, and the lower part of the body. Enjoy the aerobic exercise and lose some weight.
Kamakura Hi-surf, offering water-sport experiences to everyone at the beach of Yuigahama
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Because the sea at Yuigahama is shallow for a relatively long distance from the shore, beginners and women can enjoy it safely. All you need is towels and a swimsuit. During the water-sport season, all water sports must start from some designated areas. Because Kamakuta Hi-surf is located at one of these areas, you can sail out on the board from the beach right in front of their office.
[Stand-Up Paddle Boarding]
*1-hour session: 4,230 yen
*equipment rental: 3,240 yen for 2 hours/ 6,480 yen for a day (10:00-17:00)
*rental with sessions: 6,480 yen (1-hour session, 2-hour rental)
*the equipment includes: a board, a paddle, and a wetsuit
*1-day Experience: 7,560 yen
*equipment rental: 5,400 yen for a day/ 4,320 yen for half a day
*the equipment includes: a sail, a board, and a wetsuit
*5-minute walk from Hase station (Enoshima Electric Railway)
[open] 10:00-19:00
[closed] Thursday
[call] 0120-73-8132 (toll-free)/ or 0467-23-8132
[targeted age] 10-year old and older
*The kids, younger than 12, must be accompanied by an adult
*Those who are younger than 20 need parental consent
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