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Like a green carpet! Let's visit the "Moss Temple" in Kyoto!

Do you know "Kokedera (Moss Temple)" in Kyoto?
Even if you have heard the name, I think in those who actually visited is less. However you need an appointment to visit Kokedera, so you can't drop in.
But "Kokedera" is a great temple, and as the name suggests, a beautiful moss can be seen. Moss like a green carpet is just a superb view! It is a scene that you want to see at least once in a lifetime.
This time, let me introduce the charm of Kokedera♪
(Updated on: Mar 17, 2017)

Kokedera is referred to as the "Saihoji Temple" officially, and is the temple of the Rinzai sect, Kyoto Nishikyo Ku. Gyoki built this temple in the Tenpyo year of Nara era (729 years - 749 years).

Access: get off at "Kokedera" bus stop of Kyoto bus and walk 3-minute or 20-minute walk from Hankyu "Matsuo Taisha Station", "Kami-Katsura Station"
Admission time: specified
Duration: about 90 minutes
Admission fee: 3,000 yen
Katsura Nishikyogoku | 56 Matsuojingatanichō, Nishikyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 615-8286
[How to apply Admission]
Sign up by the postcard to "Saihoji Temple worship engagement" (〒 615-8286 Kyoto Nishikyo Ku Matsuokamike Tanimachi 56). Write down representatives name, address, telephone number, admission dates and accompanied persons to the postcard. Please be sure that the postcard reaches the temple one week before the day you wan't to tour. Postcard will be sent back at a later date and be careful not to forget or lost in because this will be the admission card.
Like a green carpet! Let's visit the "Moss Temple" in Kyoto!
Reservations for the application will be in order from two months ago, so you may not get a reservation to the desired date. Let's write the second preferred date in the postcard also.
Since the tour time can not be specified, let's go to the admission time it is written to the returned postcards.
Like a green carpet! Let's visit the "Moss Temple" in Kyoto!
Source: photozou.jp
Precincts of the garden is covered with about 120 species of moss. As if a sight like a green carpet, I knew you would be gasped involuntarily. Since everywhere is nice for taking pictures, It will be a unbearable place for ones who likes taking photo. Labor until the admission needs time but it is a temple that is worth to it.
Before 1977, anyone could visit without application. But the evil of the admission's manners becomes a problem and the moss began to pain so it became a full reservation system. This is very regrettable. Let's keep a minimum manners properly to worship.
【important point】
Here one notes. Admission of Kokedera needs an participate in religious events such as copying Sutras. You can tour around the garden after finish copying Sutras.
Garden to look at the state of calm mind after copying Sutras will be very beautiful.
Like a green carpet! Let's visit the "Moss Temple" in Kyoto!
Source: bqspot.com
Since there is a variety of attractions close to Kokedera, please enjoy together when sightseeing♪

① Suzumushi temple
Tone of cricket continues all year round in this temple. Happiness Jizo wearing a straw sandals will make your wish come true only onee. Please hear the unique sermon of the priest carried out in the main hall also.

② Jizo Institute (Temple of bamboo)
This temple which is surrounded by bamboo is where Ikkyū has been training in childhood. Japanese style garden is also superb.
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