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Famous for spiritual power in finding love - Koinoki Shrine is full of love

Koinoki shrine, part of Mizuta Tenmangu housing god of study Michizane Sugawara, is known for spiritual spot effective in finding love. This shrine has been established at the same time as Mizuta Tenmangu, and shrine houses god of love. It is an unique shrine which is filled with pink love heart all round. If you are looking for love it is a must visit!
Fukuoka | 62-1 Mizuta, Chikugo-shi, Fukuoka-ken 833-0027
(Updated on: Apr 16, 2017)

Mizuta Tenmangu was built by children of Michizane Sugawara in 1226 ordered by the Emperor. It houses the god of study, Michizane Sugawara, which is the second biggest Tenmangu only second to the famous Dazaifu Tenmangu. Main shrine building was rebuilt in 1672, became a heritage building in 1961 and has been renovated again in 1995.
Heart shaped pottery fill path to the shrine. Gate of shrine at the entrance was donated in 2009, decorated with heart shaped rock. If you are able to find 10 love hearts on the gate it is said that you will be able to find love. Heart shaped lantern is lit up during new year celebration and festivals creating a romantic atmosphere. Like the love grows day by day, walk the pathway with your wish step by step.
Pathway and the heart shaped pottery are made from Mizuta Pottery. Established in 1578 this pottery is used to make spiritual tools for Dazaifu and Mizuta Tenmangu. It takes a month to create the love heart pottery used in the shrine as it involves a lot of skills. Heart shaped pottery is used only in Koinoki shrine making it a rare find.
Famous for spiritual power in  finding love - Koinoki Shrine is full of love
Sculpture of love is known to help your love come true by touching the sculpture. Many visitors gather around the sculpture and many wish board hang with visitor's love wishes. Near the shrine there is a 600 year old tree called "Happiness Tree", if you go around the tree 3 times, start anti-clock wise then clock wise then anti-clock wise it is said to bring happiness to you.
Michizane was transported to Dazaifu as punishment, leaving behind his wife and child. To calm his spirit it is said that the shrine was built and to also show respect for his strong love for his wife and child Koinoki shrine was built.
Koinoki shrine was only third of it's current size, however during the rebuild from damage of 1991 typhoon they found a strange mosaic. This design is the eye of wild bore to fight off bad spirit. This has lead to designing the signature of Koinoki shrine - love heart.
This shrine has become famous as "Valentine shrine" around Japan and has become popular among the visitors of the area. In the shrine there are 2 trees which was planted upon marriage of Emperor which has now merged into one just like the couples in love.
There are festivals held at the shrine; annual festival on 3rd March / 3rd Nov. Finding love festival; 7th July. On 5th, 15th, 25th of the month and during October, November, February, March the fortune message slip will be printed on pink paper filling the shrine with pink. These slips are tide in a knot like a heart shape (which instruction is noted) making it look like a flower petals decorating the walls creating a romantic atmosphere.
[Access] 5 minutes by car / 20 minutes by walk from JR Hainu Zuka station. 8 minutes drive from JR Shinfunagoya station. 8 minutes drive from Chikugounagoya station or 10 minutes by car from Yame Interchange.
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