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The Best 7 Souvenirs From Nara Prefecture!

This prefecture, Nara, has a history as long as over 1,300 years. There's a number of temples and shrines which attract people to visit. After going sightseeing for Kasuga Taisha and Todaiji, try looking for some souvenirs. Since you are in Japan, you might want to get something your friends and family can enjoy!
I'd like to introduce some souvenirs you can purchase in Nara!
(Updated on: Mar 22, 2017)

1) Kaki No Ha Sushi Honpo Tanaka
"Kaki No Ha Sushi" is a typical souvenir from Nara and you can see it in other tourist places such as an approach of Horyuji. However this time, what I'd like to recommend is this shop. Sushi that is wrapped by the leaves of persimmon tastes a little sour and nice. Also, since the date of best before is until 08:00pm after 3 days, you don't have to worry too much about this as well.
(Nara Head Store)
Opening Hours: 09:30am - 07:30pm
Nara | 5-2 Higashimuki Nakamachi, Nara-shi, Nara-ken 630-8215
2) Yamazaki Ya
You cannot talk about Nara without "Nara Zuke"! Nara Zuke is pickled vegetables with gourds, water melons, egg plants, cucumbers and etc. Those ingredients are pickled with soy sauce and sake lees. It goes really well with steamed rice! Yamazaki Ya I'd like to recommend faces east, so just try going there!
Opening Hours: 09:00am - 09:00pm
Nara | 5 Higashimuki Minamimachi, Nara-shi, Nara-ken 630-8216
The Best 7 Souvenirs From Nara Prefecture!
Source: kikuya.co.jp
3) Kiku Ya
I'd like to introduce this food, "Oshiro No Kuchi Mochi". It has a history as long as 400 years and was made to entertain Hideyoshi Toyotomi at tea ceremony. Bean paste made from red beans Tanba Dainagon, domestic soybean flour, and sticky rice from Omi are chosen as its ingredients so it is no wonder it tastes so good!
(Head Store)
Opening Hours: 08:00am - 07:30pm
*There're other shops in other areas like Nara Sanjo Street
Nara | 1 Chome-11 Yanagi, Yamatokōriyama-shi, Nara-ken 639-1134
4) Mahoroba Daibutsu pudding Honpo
Its illustration of Daibutsu is so adorable and kids should be enjoying this! The ingredients used for this pudding are from locals and artificial additives do not really apply. There're 2 sizes; small and large. The tastes range from custard, Yamato Cha, cheese cake, chocolait, cappuccino, and sake.
(Kintetsu Nara Store)
Opening Hours: 09:00am - 08:00pm
*There're other shops
Nara | 29 Higashimuki Nakamachi, Nara-shi, Nara-ken 630-8215
The Best 7 Souvenirs From Nara Prefecture!
5) Senju An Yoshimune
This is a long established sweets store run for 80 years just in front of the entrance of Todaiji. The recommended product is Warabi Mochi that has 2 types; one is cut in piece so that you can eat just there and the other one lasts a month in a package. Its Warabi Mochi is very soft and tastes slightly sweet.
Other than this, a steamed bun called Kodai Kawara is amazing too!
(Nara Head Store)
Opening Hours: 09:00am - 06:00pm
*There're other shops too
Nara | 39-1 Oshiagechō, Nara-shi, Nara-ken 630-8273
6) Yoshino Honkuzu Tengyou Do
This store is also a long established one with a history of over 140 years. They handle Yoshino Honkuzu and keep the quality of Kuzu Kiri and Kuzu Mochi looks so beautiful with its clear body and tastes fantastic as well! You can put roasted soybeans flour and black honey as much as you want and eat!
(Nara Head Store)
Opening Hours: 10:00am - 07:30pm
*There're other stores too
Nara | 1-6 Oshiagechō, Nara-shi, Nara-ken 630-8273
7) Kasuga An
Even though it is called Satsuma Yaki, sweet potatoes are not used. Because its shape is like sweet potatoes, it was named as Satsuma Yaki. Strained red beans paste is wrapped by the skin made from flour and eggs, and grilled after skewing one by one.
When you eat, you can feel this red beans paste and the skin are melting altogether and it's very tasty!
Nara | 29 Nakanoshinyachō, Nara-shi, Nara-ken 630-8333
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