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The Attraction of Agano Yaki of Fukuoka and Experiencing Pottery

The Attraction of Agano Yaki of Fukuoka and Experiencing Pottery
There are some famous potteries in many areas in Japan. In Kyushu, there's Agano Yaki from Fukuoka as well as Arita Yaki from Saga and they are used to be a gift. Arita yaki is sometimes either with patterns or no patterns.
I'd like to introduce Agano Yaki which was born in Fukuoka.
(Updated on: Mar 24, 2017)

In 1602, it is said that Okita Tadaoki made a pottery in Agano area which had a water and oil with good quality.
Once Agano Yaki seemed to be vanished, however, Tagawa Gun supported to make it come alive again in 1902. Then it's been coming through all the trends and made itself refined.
In 1983, Agano Yaki was specified as a nationally recognized traditional craft with a history of 400 years.
Its feature is that it is made thinner than other ones. Your lips feel good when they touch a bowl and your hands can feel a sense of the earth.
The glaze is also one of its features and there are many kinds of glaze used to finish. Because of that, both its color and texture looks amazing and it brings out of the flowers and dishes. The pottery itself is of course beautiful.
It is said that Sake would taste even better when you use it.
At Nakamura Shinzui Pottery for Agano Yaki, all people are welcome to experience the pottery. There are a few courses such as making a watch, name plate, and etc. as well as an electric potter's wheel and a hand forming. Why don't you take a chance to try and make your own Agano Yaki?
Fukuoka | 3908-2 Agano, Fukuchi-machi, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka-ken 822-1102
The Attraction of Agano Yaki of Fukuoka and Experiencing Pottery
With an experience of a pottery's wheel, 2kg of clay are to be used and you can make a tea cup or a rice bowl. 4 or 6 tea cups can be made out of 2kg of clay and you can choose the one you like to be put in firing. The color is to be chosen from an exhibit. Then at a later date, a potter make it unglazed, glazed and baked and give it to you.
It takes approx. 1 hour - 2 hours.
Its fee is 3,500 yen per person.
A hand forming course uses 500g of clay per person. You can make a bowl in any shapes you like.
It takes approx. 1.5 hours.
Its fee is 3,000 yen per person.

Other than that, there are some courses for coloring plates, mugs, rice bowls and etc.
To experience the pottery, the seat has to be booked. The reservation on the day you want to come is welcome too. For the booking and inquiries, please contact via: 0947-28-3888

[Reception Hours] 09:30am - 06:00pm
- Approx. 15 mins from Yahata Interchange
- Approx. 16 mins from Kongo Interchange
- Approx. 10 mins from JR Nogata Station
- Approx. 15 mins from JR Tagawa Ita Station
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